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Save Money on Food | Budgeting Tips | Getting Free Food
Save money

Money Saving is about finding best deals, legal loopholes and how to save money on everything and anything. We have listed some of the ways that you could save some money on food. These money saving tips will like to help you to reduce your daily expenses on food.


Plan ahead!
When you shop, try to base your shopping list around a planned series of meals. That way, you lessen the odds of impulse-buying food that you don't need, and that might go off. What's more, planning ahead increases the chance that you'll deliberately seek out a cheap meal.

Check out The Fool's Living Below Your Means discussion board and our Recipes and Cooking board for low-cost recipe ideas! Here's an interesting, if quirky, post about menu planning, for example.

Save money


Look for 'reduced for quick sale' items
The exception to this 'meal planning' principle are meals planned around 'reduced for quick sale' (RFQS) items. Get into the habit of making the RFQS counters regular stops on your shopping trips, and develop an eye for a bargain. Meat, fish and most chilled or ready-cooked meals can usually be frozen -- but so can bread, pastries and rolls.

Save money


Stop eating out
This one is a no-brainer and doesn't really need an explanation. Dinners you prepare at home are significantly less expensive than meals you pay someone else to prepare.

Save money


Buy generic
Generic and store-brand products are often processed at the same plants as name brand products, but they are much cheaper because they aren't advertised. A significant portion of the price you pay for a name brand product is to cover the high cost of advertising it in the various media. This is why name brand breakfast cereals cost $1 or $2 more than the generic brand and why Tylenol or Bayer pain relievers cost $3 or $4 more than the generic brand that isn't advertised. Stop paying for all those television commercials and print ads and you will save more than $500 per year.

Save money


Cut out the middlemen!
Farmers' markets offer good quality food at better prices than you'd pay elsewhere. If you can't get to a farmer's market, at least buy a sack of potatoes at the farm gate. (Hint: most farms sell half sacks, too -- and if you don't pass many farm gates, you'll sometimes see sacks of spuds offered for sale at places like truck stops, country petrol stations and the like.)

Save money


Buy in bulk
Bulk buying can offer genuine savings, especially if you share out the produce among friends and neighbours. Sacks of rice, for example, are absurdly cheap from Asian grocers -- simply divvy up the sack to make substantial savings.

Save money


Free food
Food doesn't get much cheaper than free. Nettle soup is real favourite in our household -- here's a short thread on the subject.

Meanwhile, TV chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall is a firm favourite on several of our boards -- this is his nettle soup recipe for those who like their recipe quantities a little more precise! This detailed post gives lots of information about free food from the wild in general.
Save money


Buy in season
There are times when the supermarket is practically giving away fruits and vegetables and other times when they cost a fortune. Buy fruits and vegetables in season and only if they are reasonably priced. Learn to enjoy fruits and vegetables that are available year-round at a low cost, such as bananas and carrots. If you have the time, you can buy when produce is cheap and prepare and freeze it for later use.

Save money


Avoid vending machines and bring your own snacks/drinks to work
You pay significantly less for the candy bars and soda pop you buy at the grocery store than from a vending machine.

Save money


Don't buy what you don't really need
There are many products we buy because we love them, but don't really need them. Good examples are soft drinks, sugary snacks and other sweets. Giving them up will improve your health, reduce your medical and dental-related expenses and fatten your wallet.

Save money

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