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Save Money On Your Gas, Electricity and Water Bills.
Save money

Save money on household utility bills like gas, electricity and the water. Save money and create cheaper bills. We have listed some of the ways that you could save some money on your household bill. These money saving tips will like to help you to reduce your daily expenses.


Prioritize Your Household Bills
When money is especially tight, it can be hard to see past the mountains of bills and figure out what bills are most important and what bills are something that can be delayed or even cancelled in order to save money.

First, get a list of all your bills and rank them from the most important to least important. Then, starting at the bottom of the list, with the bill you deemed least important on the list, determine if it is something you really need, or if it is something you can cancel or reduce. If you only watch television once a week, consider dropping back from the premium cable plan to the basic one, or cancelling all together. You would be surprised at the things you can cut or reduce from your budget by looking at it from this perspective.

Save money


Selecting a lower service package
One way to save here is selecting a lower service package from your cable provider. Sure all those channels look great when you need entertainment but if you can get by with just the basic services for the news, you can always find other forms of entertainment that are cheaper.

Save money

Fine tuning your water heater
Turning down the temperature on the water heater about 5 degrees can add a little extra due to less electrical usage to heat the water up and you probably wont even notice the difference. Give a call to your utility companies, most will give you other ideas to save around the house such as turning down the heat a degree or two and winterizing your home to avoid loss of heat and the heater turning on more.

Save money


Reduce electricity
Reduce the amount of electricity that you waste in your home. By turning off lights and appliances when they are not in use, you can save money on your electric bill. You can also replace light bulbs and appliances that are not energy efficient with new versions that consume less electricity.

Save money


Clean naturally and on the cheap
Cut the cost of cleaning and add these to your shopping basket. Lemon juice (49p for 250ml), soda crystals (51p a kilo) and bicarbonate of soda (48p for 200g). Between them, you will be able to: get your taps sparkling; dissolve grease; shift stains on your work surfaces; and spin out use of your washing detergent. All for less than the cost of one chemical-laden cleaning product.

Save money


Slow cooking
Invest in a slow cooker for delicious meals made using little more electricity than a light bulb.

Save money


Boil Water effectively
Using a microwave to boil water is more energy efficient than boiling water in a kettle over the stove, so try to use your microwave to heat water whenever possible. In the summer months, you'll have the added advantage of not heating up the entire house every time you boil water.

Save money


Place your air conditioners and heat pumps in the shade.
This will keep them cool during the summer and they will not have to work as hard to do their job of keeping you cool. Keeping your air conditioners and heat pump serviced regularly could save you money over the long run. Change the filters in your air conditioners and heat pumps regularly. Keep a check on your duct work. A duct with a weak seal or even worse a broken seal will cost you a lot more than a repairman over the years.

Save money


Install window blinds on all of your windows.
This will save you money throughout the whole year by keeping heat out in the summer and keeping heat in during the winter. Window tinting might be a viable option as well. There are some wonderful tints out on the marketplace now that cut light penetration greatly while not interfering with visual clarity from within your home. Triple pane windows will also save you money on your electric bill in the long run.

Save money


Buy a bundle
Many telephone and internet providers now offer several services bundled together at a discount price. As a result, you may well find that paying a single fee for your line rental and broadband service can be cheaper than paying for them separately.

Save money

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