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Reviews of Paid Survey on NFO

Below are some of the reviews given by different readers for the above paid survey website.. I have purposely gathered these feedbacks, both good and bad from different review websites. This is to let you better understand about this website and let you make a more objective decision whether you would like to join and participate in this website.

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I have been paid by them a few times. I have also tested products for them. The only really negative thing about them is that sometimes they don’t send emails letting you know you have a survey, so check the site often! I have been a member for over 2 years. I get maybe 6 to 8 surveys a month from them. Be sure to download the NFO messenger, its a great tool they offer to let you know when you have a survey, and they give you extra points when you download it.


I have found one Survey site,, which does not require a sign-up cost and does not require you to sign-up for things you do not want just to make money. Actually you receive points and you can redeem the points for money. The problem with this is that it takes a long time to get a thousand points which is what is needed to redeem for ten dollars.


I have been a member of for quite some time now and MySurvey is one of my favorites. They send frequent invites to surveys, sometimes as many as 6 per week. The surveys are easy to understand and fun to complete. is a well established and reputable company.


I’ve been making money online since the late 90’s and was one of my first ventures into working at home. Back then paid surveys online didn’t have the dirty reputation they have now. But like any good thing there are always a few in the bunch that mess it up for everyone else. There are several companies out there that charge you for a list of survey companies. However the truth is you can find any of the survey company list for free on various websites. But there isn’t a law against charging for information you can find on your own for free. If there was many newspapers, books and magazines would be out of business.


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