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Below are some of the reviews given by different readers for the above paid survey website.. I have purposely gathered these feedbacks, both good and bad from different review websites. This is to let you better understand about this website and let you make a more objective decision whether you would like to join and participate in this website.

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This is a market research site that unfortunately I cannot recommend others to join. As a member for some 26 months or so, I have never successfully completed a paid to participate in survey (they never send any). My membership as such is completely worthless. The only emails sent seem to either be Happy Birthday or Happy Holidays (i.e. Christmas and New Year) from Vice President, Anne Parks.

Nonetheless some people must have had some success with ACOP since here on dooyoo and other websites, members of the site state how they have received cheques and prizes. It is just a real shame that I have not had similar luck, and accordingly must give the website a very poor rating – if I could it would get 0 out of five stars. If you want to join a survey site then this is not one to bother with.


Imagine my surprise when getting home I opened the envelope, and yes you guessed it, it was from a nice lady called Anne Parks at ACOP thanking me for taking part in the survey and enclosing a $10 American Express Voucher. I really wasn't expecting it, and I think I was more excited that I actually had something nice arrive that wasn't a bill. Believe it or not, it wasn't so important that it was $10 but more that I had earned that money, it was a bit like winning a prize and I was all excited!


I have not been able to make any money on this site. But there might be some who have been able to make some money. But there is no risk in becoming a member since the membership is free of cost.

But what I feel odd is that I have not been invited to any of their surveys. I have registered myself and answered all their questions. It has been two years since I have been a member of this site, but still I have not received a single invitation from them. If the criteria did not match with my profile, then they should have rejected my membership. What I do not understand is that they have accepted my membership, sent me a confirmation email, but have not sent me any invitation to answer their surveys. That is why I do not have a good opinion about this website.


The main reason for my preference is the instant gratification. That's right, when you complete a solicited survey, they send you $5.00. Most survey sites I have participated in are very similar in operation however upon completion of a survey, you are entered into a drawing, you may or MAY NOT ever be rewarded for your time and participation.


ACOP does a lot of well paid surveys, but they are mostly for people from United States. But very international users do get a few & they pay on time.


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