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Below are some of the reviews given by different readers for the above paid survey website.. I have purposely gathered these feedbacks, both good and bad from different review websites. This is to let you better understand about this website and let you make a more objective decision whether you would like to join and participate in this website.

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I signed up with them to receive paid surveys. So they send me this link, and when I clicked on it, it read: Retail Report Card. It said that I could get a gift card of $1000 to shop at the store and then write a review of my shopping experiience. And they said: Last step, to receive your free card, you need to complete 2 of the offers below.

So I completed two offers. (I don't have any money, that's why I trying to do surveys, but I had to purchase something here. But I thought, after I get my gift card, I'll get my money back so to speak)

But then, when I clicked ext, I had to do two more offers, and then two more...

I couldn't complete anymore offers, I couldn't risk that much money. They never said that I would have to complete more offers than two. And until you click next, you don't know that you need to complete more and more offers.

I tried to cancel the offer I already completed, but it was too late. So instead of earning money, I lost money.


I joined years ago and it's not a true survey site - they just tell you about other survey companies - it's a gimmick site. You don't actually get surveys from them. I would not recommend them. Just sign up for the legitimate sites listed at the top of this survey forum.


My experience with Survey Club has been a good one. I received surveys in my email inbox on a daily basis and was able to earn money, not only by taking surveys, but referring members as well. Survey Club is a dream for people who want to work online without having to market or sell products.


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