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Below are some of the reviews given by different readers for the above paid survey website.. I have purposely gathered these feedbacks, both good and bad from different review websites. This is to let you better understand about this website and let you make a more objective decision whether you would like to join and participate in this website.

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The first thing you notice when logging on to this site is the quality and interface of the screen-its not very good and quite a dull grey-BUT WAIT! Despite the poor appearance there are many great things to mention about this site!
Expect to get around an average of 6 surveys a year-if you have a lot of people referred and then direct referrals you can make a lot of money! There is a separate referral section of the site given you messages to copy and paste into which makes referring easy and not very tedious at all!

Source: has a payment structure that seems to be better than other competitive survey companies.  They pay a minimum of $3 per survey but usually more than that, depending on the amount of questions.  They also have a referral system that pays you per member you recruit and $2 for every survey they complete.

In comparison to other online Survey sites SurveySavvy is one of the best, they provide the most opportunities with the least spam and junk mail.


Shortly after I signed up I received a survey. I got paid for friends I referred also (who took surveys).  I can't think of any reason anyone should pass this up

A good way to look at this is long term, after many referrals..  Just imagine what you could make if there were a few hundred people you referred (or those people referred)  and they all got surveyed at the same time.  At only two dollars apiece, that's six hundred dollars. 


SurveySavvy offers excellent compensation per survey, and the quality of their surveys is good. The only drawback is they do not offer many surveys. You can expect about one to two screeners per month, but don't be surprised if several months go by without receiving any invitations. The pay per survey is excellent though, and their referral program is an added bonus.


I recently registered to be a member of to participate in surveys online that pays you real cash, not points that are worthless.

If you join, you can get paid when you participate in surveys. When you refer friends, you will get paid for their participation and their friends' participation. They pay cash!


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