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Get Paid to Read Emails, Click on Ads, and Surf the Internet Sites

Yes, there are legitimate sites that will pay you to read emails, click on their ads, and surf the internet. Because several of these sites offer multiple services, I have listed them all in one page.

Below are some of the shortlisted companies based on my research. What I have done is that I will be tougher on those web site that has been around for less than a year. I have also trying to understand these websites that contained Google ads or who used a proxy name service to hide their identity. If they are doing so poorly and needed Google ads to help them, as well as those companies that intend to hide their identity, I would suggest that these websites may not be recommended. Hope it helps.

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Best Get Paid
Paid to: click ads, read emails
Creation Date: 22 Nov 2005
Minimum Payout: No minimum via PayPal, E-Gold, or Moneybookers
Comments: This site is one of the more professional ones that I have visited. Of course, it does have paid membership upgrades. From what I could see, you would make very little from them unless you paid to upgrade. For that reason, I don't recommend them.
Recommended? No

5 Star Promotions, Inc.
AKA: NoBannerZone
Paid to: read emails, click banners, complete offers, purchase
Creation Date: 03 Nov 2002
Minimum Payout: $10.00 via Paypal, Money Orders, or E-Gold
Comments: You can read emails or click banners for about 1¢ each. I joined, and discovered that their offers don't require you to pay out any money. However, they had very few emails listed (22 in the past nine months). It's gonna take a long time to earn that $10 to get a payout. Still, it's what it claims to be. Since that is my affiliate link, here is the direct link: 5 Star Promotions.
Recommended? Yes, but use caution.

Cash Clicking
AKA:,,, and
Paid to: No minimum via PayPal, E-Gold, or NetPay
Creation Date: 08 Apr 2002
Minimum Payout: No minimum via PayPal, E-Gold, or NetPay
Comments: The site looks good, until you read the fine print. You surf for credits and then sell those credits to other members to earn cash. So really, it's credit clicking. Still, it's not triggering any of my warning signs and so I'll recommend it, but use caution because you might not earn much. I joined and discovered they have a "premium" membership, which of course costs. Also, I discovered that "You must add a website to your account before you can surf. The site must also be auto assigned with at least 75% of credits earned. In other words, unless you're trying to promote your website, this isn't going to earn you anything. I promptly canceled my membership.
Recommended? No .

Paid to: read emails, visit websites
Creation Date: 22 Mar 2003
Minimum Payout: $0.50 via Paypal or E-Gold
Comments: This site also refused to give out any information about how much members were paid per email or site visit. Although I do feel they are legitimate and will pay, the lack of information turns me away. I won't list it as a site I don't recommend, but I'm not recommending it either. Use your own judgment.
Recommended? Use caution.

Paid to: read emails, click ads, complete offers
Creation Date: 08-Jun-2003
Minimum Payout: $4.00 via Paypal or E-Gold
Comments: This site may have a pay for upgrade membership, but nothing was clearly stated on it webpage. That's part of the problem that I have with this site. The lack of information. It also doesn't give a standard rate it pays to its members. The whole site was very amateurish for having been up for over three years. For that reason, I don't feel comfortable recommending it.
Recommended? No

Paid to: read emails, click ads
Creation Date: 27 May 2002
Minimum Payout: $5.00 via Paypal or E-Gold
Comments: Site contains Yahoo ads as well as banners for other pay to read email sites which I found odd. The exact terms were not clear on its site (such as the amount it pays per emails). The vagueness of information made me want to stay away, although considering how long it has been around, I feel it is probably legitimate.
Recommended? Probably not worth it.

Amazing Solution
Paid to: read emails, purchase
Creation Date: 13 Apr 1999
Minimum Payout: $20.00 via Paypal or E-Gold
Comments: Amazing Solutions is listed in the BBB with a satisfactory record, and Amazing Solution seems to be a part of it, but the addresses do not match. Also, it contained Google Ads, which I found weird. It states that it uses a muli-level marketing system in order to get the most revenue, thus it enables you to spam your friends to get more money. It also stated that you get from 1¢ to 2¢ "per moneycode." I have no idea what that means. Any other payment information was absent.
Recommended? No

Creation Date: 30 Apr 1997
Minimum Payout: $25.00 via check or Paypal
Comments: I liked this one better than some, but they only payout every three months if you have the minimum of $25.00. This could mean it would be a long time before you saw an initial payout from them.
Recommended? Use caution.

Paid to: read emails, clicking on ads, complete offers
Creation Date: 06 Aug 2005
Minimum Payout: $1.30 via PayPal, UniClear, AlertPay and E-Gold
Comments: The strangest thing about this site is it listed a "site debt" of $89.34 as part of its statistics. I'm not sure what they mean, but that certainly turned me off. Also, the day I went they hadn't updated their main page for over three months and listed 1% of their advertising as a mere $1.7033 (meaning their advertising is only bringing in $170.33). Again, they failed to give the standard information and had a poorly designed site.
Recommended? No.

Paid to: read emails
Creation Date: 07 Jul 2005
Minimum Payout: No minimum via E-Gold
Comments: For a site that has been up a year, this one had a lot of blank spots. For example on the FAQ's page it said, "You may request payment after you have earned $0.00." I think that you would have to earn money before you could request a payment. This site also says it will take 30 days to receive a payment. I also found it odd that they would have ad for PayPal, yet they don't use PayPal. The only good thing I could say is that I didn't see any paid membership upgrades.
Recommended? No.

Please help to report any broken links or recommend to us those reliable programs that you have encountered (with payment proof) so that we can constantly update this list.

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